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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  March 29, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc passengers born a flight that landed at s sfo this morning tell us they were shocked to l learn there was an explosiveses scare before they took off. this man was s caught at the philadelphia airport with fireworks in his carry-on. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. terry mcsweeney joins the latest. >> reporter: a spokesman for san francisco international is saying thihis proves the system works. passengers f from flight 445 are saying, thank it dooes. they are just finding out as they arrived that onone tried to get on their flight with explosives. some are left wondering, wh if?
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melody of santa cruz didn't know what happened. no one on flight 445 did.d. >> the pilot said it is t, they are going to load all of our baggage there is something very wrong. >> reporter: tsa offici⌝q say 29-year-old man of dallas, pennsylvania was stopped when screeners noticed something in his cay-on.. >> one passenger s says she had a ststnge feeling about this flight. >> i was a litittle nervous getting on my sepdaughter said do you and daddydy have to get on t together because if something haens yoyou will bothe gone. it gives me pause. out of e mouth ofof babes. >> it wa like a cold chilill the hairur neck stands up, said to the person wow, we didn't know. >> the system workeked. thidentified the items. pulled the gentlemanside a and we got on the plane safefely. >> reporteter: the suspect is described as someone who likes to conductperimements with
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explosives. the first cheheck shows no knonn connections with terrorism. his excuse for hahaving the plosivives with him in that carr bag, he forgot. terrrry mcsweeney, abc7 news. we are gng lots of interestining reactions on facebook to the story. you can join the conversatation at the sususpect in a mass murder in san francisco is due in court tododay a judge has to determine whether the public defender's office can repres 35-year-old binh thai luc because of a potetential conflict of inteterest. >> reporter: we just got the ruling a couple secondnds ago. defender cannot represent binh thai luc he i is notng -- getting the torn he waanted. ---- the attorney he wanted. the 3 35-year-old is accused of
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killing five inside a home a week ago. police are still trying to figure out the motive. they are looking into the possibility it c be over a gambling debt. assigning hraoubg an atttorney has been tricky -- assign luc an attorneney has been tricky because of his brotther who the pubublic dder represented in the past. prosecutors though was a conflict o of interest. the public defender had spent a lot of time with him and wanted to see case through. >> is concerned about wha iss going on, as anyone would be in this situation. >> i'll let you knows a hard-working man. a man who works in the consnstruction trades. family and friends we spoke are shocked he's in this poon. >> r reporter: police believe the kill used a blunt instrument on his victims. and robbedem and then burglarized the home. however is convicted of these crimes eligible or will be
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eligible for the d death to give you an idea how hard the public defender's office fought for this cacase, brbriefing and gave verball-page guments as to whyy they felt like it was not a conflict of interest. the judge tkpwraefpltd now the nextxt order of business is to nonow the next order ofusiness is to find this suspect an torney. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.s. da three a as the searchch for miissing s sierra lam. marc klaas whose daughter polly was abducted and killeled in 1993 sasaid more 2000 came out this morning while he's appreciative he says sierra's puzzling disappearance raises concerns about how sch you notify parents when sttudents are >> iff they had known early in
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the dayho their daughter whwho had a good attendance record didn't show up the red flagags would come up p and possibly we would know who is doing this now. >>aas says they are bringingng in more equipment accommodate 1,000lunteers expected to turnrn out this weekend. 1515-year-old sierra has been seen since she left home for school almost two weeks ago. parents, teachers anand actitivists disrupted a tense board last night it was so loud board members walked out several remained and p promised to occupy the building. police arrested 100 people midnight when they refused to leave. people stripping to bikinis, tossing beach balls, shouting, it is the s of a spirited uc regents meeting happening now in san francisco, katie marzullo live onn ca w where protester are bearingn and feelings.
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>> reporter: the meeting melted down before it bn. the students were madad, arguing and shouting say they didn't get enough time to speak. the r regents said ifthey didn't come to order they woulleavee the meeting and thaty did. then this happened. ents gave their prototest a spring b break theme because it is spring break a they say they are spring-broke. are not onboard with the governor's tax initiative even though it co mean more money for the uc system theyy feel it is a backroom deal and ththe money wouldn't n necessary trickle downwn to them o or prevenent future tuition hikes. they say the meeting isnot aa demomocratic protest and they >> i don't't think the meeting is where changee is going to
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come. the only change tha comes from those meetingsgsising workers and that is not been ing publicc education if anything it is -- destroying it. valuable meetings s bring together stududents and workers > reporter: students tossed their r party 10 minutes police giving th warninings they would have to leave, after 10 minutes declared an unlawfulsembly and the students fileded out inhe hallway that's where trouble occurred. we saw at least threestudents arrested. back out here live theeeting has resumed broadcast by -- throrough audio speakers for the students to listen to. two dozen studedents are gathered quietly listening to the meeting. they are sure of their planss for rest of afternoon.. katie marzullo, abc7 news.
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still president obama s a plea to congress to end taxx breaks for oill companies. ththe decision from lawmakers. >>rk zuckerberg visits with jas prime minister. the facebook ceo's idea to get his network more involved after japan's
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> the senate hast rejected efforts to move ahead
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on a a bill to repeal tax breaks for oil companies. beforere that the president he a news confererence in rose garden to put pressure on congngress to end four billion dollars in tax breaks saying americans are getting hit twice once at themp anand another by sending billions in tax subsidies. >> the preresident: with record profofits and rising puction, i'm not worried about the big oil companies. withth high oil prices around the world they've got more than enough incentive to produce more oil. that's why i think it is time they got by without moreelp from taxpayers who are having a tough enough time. >> many congressional republicans say cutting ththe tax breaks would lead to higher prices and affect companies -- >> best buy plans to cut 50 full sized stores. insteaead they will open 10100 small mobile tionss
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sometimes next year the move will cut800 million dollars inin costs by 2015. the announcement as thehey post a 4th quarter loss. the company s says shoppers are not going to big stores lik they used to. >> gnment's w weekly jobs repoport indicates the mark is strengthening. labor department saysys weekly unemployment bfits applications fell 5,000. that's the smallest numbmber of applicants since april off 2008. applicationsnsistetently below 375,00000 is a signal hiring is smalall enough to lower ththe rate. >> mark zuckerberg says japan's disastersrs have inspire m to use social media for people iib. he and japan's tsunami --
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zuckerbeberg said it made realize his company could help e in trouble keep in touch. >> we hop to -- [ inaudible ] japan is in the early stages of bidding a disaster management astructurere that takes advantageof information technology. facebook has 10 million users in japan. >> we ususually see a t-shirt and jeans. >> verypresididential. >> kind of. we can put our rain jacket way >> we are loooking at clouds, turning out nice parts of the south bay. we arere looking at the vi from our east bay camera can't rule out a an isolated shower in the north bay. more rain headed towards the
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bay for the w weekend. the government says there is a record number of children withth autism. what is be the increase? >> thehe toy company that created barbie is working on a 
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new governmenteport says autism affectsçél%x moeople than previously thougught as many as 1 in every 88 children
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previous estimate was 1 in 110. the cdc released those n numbers today. this means autisms neararly twice as common as officials sat was only five years ago. now it affects one millionn u.s. children and teenagers. health officials attribute the increao better recollection of cases and wider screening. mattel adding a new barbie to help sick children dealing with losing their hair. it started as a facebook campaign.. now the company wil create a bald friend of barbie's startingng next year the doll will come with wigs, hats and other accessories to help children. you won't find t bald dolls in stores mattel planss to give em dirirectly to the kids. >> wonderful idea. greaeat for them. we are looking for a weekend thatnot going to be what w we hope for. >> it is going to be half and
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half. >> back to winter sunday. spring-like teemperatures, itt is brightening up n now. get out and enjoy what we have. lakehoe now 45°, truckee papartly sunny winter stormrt, watch in effect tomorrow night through sasaturday night. we have sunshine and we are warming up, it is going to bee a nice afternoon despite a few clouds hanging onthe north bay. good morning san francisco 57 for you, 58, y are increasing your sun in the south bay with low clouds and visibility dicey at time along coast up to five miles. isolateded shower may be in the north bay, otherwise we'll call it partly cloudy today mostly cloudy in the north bay more sun south mild today and tomorrow windyand rainy sunday. the rain well up to the northth. a lot of it. weak high pressure holding onn
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allowing a fewew clouds to spill over this ridge will keepp us dry today andnd tomorrow, as the storm syst stays north. on out to the west of us will be bringing this vigorous cold front our way as early as tomo night.. here's the timing on it, if you are headed out tomorrow night you u could see a chance ofof a shower in the nay even along g the peninsula 8:00 after m midnight the cold front is still to thrth of us by 7:0000 in the morning if you have -- if you want to get exercise or headed to thee sier nevada cold front ing througugh early on. we'll be behind it by 9:00, 2:00 scatattered showers, possibility of a thunderstorm not out of the woods totally. we could see still showers rough h the evening hours. 7:0000 things begin to settle down, eby the late hours we've got a few isolatedrs we could see pop-up showers. one to two feet of snow above 7,000 feet about a foot above
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6,000 feet. it is starting out as rain then the snow levelser. today, nice day with up ins in the low 60s here with increasing sunshine in the city throughouout the peninsula south bay, 66 in napa, more clouds too the north by thee monterey bay near 70 today, reallye afternoon. lots of spriring fever. we will look for a cce of a shower tomorrow and ththen one day event with this sysm half an inch to maybe an inch of rain h waves too. then by sunday,, quieter r as well as mondaday, l looks like e could see rain into next week. >> i know we need it, lisa,, thank you. siri apple's voice activated personal assistant is the target of a new uit. a man claim the ads exaggerate he says siri often doesn't understand what hes and often gives the wrong answer.
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the s s seeks financial rerelief and damages forher owners. therere's a similar su in new york. apple hasas not yet commented on these legal challenges. >> the website living social today is launching a new food take-out and delivery service in san francisco and 25 other u.s. markets, providing deals similar to groupon the new service will b be able to people who have living social accounts with credit card ininformation on file, will allow customers to o order take-out without having to talk on th phone. pics taking place in london everybody getting into the spirit even the penguins. they have their own olympic-e diviving board. the head bird keeper had to tempt the penguinsnsto getet on the board. a few fish later, they had a taste of olympic glory and raraced around the pool. we love the cute pictures, so wewe had to s. >> of course that's a gold
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today at 3:00 thee berkeley woman whoo won the marathon six weeks after she had a baby. she will share her secrets with lizzie and bryan. then the internet uproar over alicia silverstone's blog posts did weigh in o on the
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risksks. california lawmakers plan old their own rally for trayvon martin. will they aree forced toto remoe their hoodies like member of congress? l listen to theseions, a bubble show and joy symphony with a sigh -- and enjoy the symphony with a silent film. ♪ >> reporter: once 191927 silent film classice napoleon in thee paramount theater.. -- [ inaudible ]
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going f from dancing queen to dancing in then t this weekend. >> b but it is nice now make a point of e enjoying it we are in the upper 50s we are going to see loow 60s around richmond east bay upper 60s, san jose 68 d by the centntral coast
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near 70, the cloud are thinning out, tomorrow mostly cloudy afternonoon. here comes the rain saturday, quick mover and you know we
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